Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A curiosity

I have a house plant which totally fascinates me. I think it is called Oxalis triangulata, and it comes from the Andes (so I've got a sort of South American theme going on at the moment). It has extraordinary leaves, somewhat clover-like, in a maroon/aubergine/chocolate colour, and pale pink flowers. What I find so sweet is that it responds to the sunlight (like me) and sort of folds down its leaves and flowers at night (puts them to bed) almost like praying hands. It sits on the west-facing kitchen window sill most of the time, above the sink, so I find it easy to keep in touch with. It's more a pet than a houseplant!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Homeward bound....

After our visit to Alpaca heaven we had to visit the Mall so Anna could recover with a bit of retail therapy. We were somewhat thwarted by a bomb scare, which required the entire Mall to be evacuated when we were mid-purchase. Once we were allowed back in, we were able to go straight to the till and finish the transaction. However, it was very tiring standing about in the car park (of course the car was far away as DH had relocated it to save my legs! )

We saw a preview showing of Ice Age 2, which was great fun, then went home with a Chinese takeaway. There was a wonderful sunset and the best had passed by the time I'd made space on the camera's memory card for a few more photos, but Ben took this view from the car window. Posted by Picasa

These beautiful creatures absolutely stole my heart but unfortunately my beloved husband wouldn't let me swap the lawn mower for a small herd of alpacas.

I did buy a couple of skeins of chunky baby alpaca yarn, though. It is so silky. I'm not sure what it will become, yet: maybe Aibhlin from, an sort of cowl neck thingy.

The alpacas like a roll in the hay: apparently they do this to clean their fleece.

Alpaca Encounter


We paid a family visit to the livestock market at Easter Compton, South Glos, on Saturday, for the SWAG Sale - not dodgy stolen goods, but the South West Alpaca Group. I fell in love with these extraordinary creatures, who have such characterful faces and silky fleece. Posted by Picasa