Friday, November 18, 2011

Long time, no see

It was not my intention to disappear off the face of blogland, but getting over a major operation and used to living with a bionic hip is extremely tiring.  Things are going well, even if I do keep overdoing it and needing to rest to recover from the pain from healing tissues.

I'll post a bit more soon, but thought I'd share news of a rather splendid blog giveaway, which you can see more of by clicking on the button below.  Silverpebble makes some lovely jewellery herself using silver clay and you can also link to her Etsy shop, if this interests you.  What is attractive is that you can fire your silver clay on an ordinary domestic gas hob, so no special kiln is necessary.  It certainly appeals to me.

Life goes on and my lovely husband has shared his latest virus with me, so I've had a day in bed to rest up.  My 15 year old son wants to go to a friend's house party this evening so we've been having a chat about appropriate and responsible behaviour at such events.  He sees it as a rite of passage and, of course, he is right.  I guess I'm old enough to have a youngest child going to teen parties as well as a new hip!