Sunday, February 19, 2006

A visit to Cirencester

On 15th February I had the pleasure of meeting up with two good friends, Gill and Maggie, at the Brewery Arts Centre in Cirencester. Although we meant to meet at 10.30, I ran true to form and eas late leaving home thanks to mislaying my keys. It was a beautiful day for a drive through the Glos. countryside once I'd left the M5, and I only had to circle Cirencester town centre once before finding my way into the correct car park.

Unfortunately, the arts centre was between exhibitions, but we enjoyed cappuchino and chat in the café, seated under a long row of felted pictures of cakes, cups and tea and so forth...

Recording this occasion was difficult but we managed to use a rather lovely mirror decorated with an owl and pussycat....

A foray into the town took us to a lovely gallery shop with a wealth of art materials, covetable photo albums, comprehensive range of sketchbooks and inspirational publications, as well as delightful pots of pure pigment.

Another gallery had some fascinating pictures for sale, of x-rayed flowers :a very different floral form. Across the road, a third gallery had some stunning stained glass panels.

We returned to the Arts Centre for lunch because we knew they could cater for my gluten-free needs, and I enjoyed some spicy lentil soup and a slice of GF Almond Cake, a real treat. However, the best treat of all was the fun and friendly companionship with my pals.

A lovely day out - thanks!

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