Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Florentine Adventure


We have just returned from spending a week in glorious Florence, a city packed with history, art, architecture, atmosphere, shops and people. We flew from Bristol to Pisa and then caught the train to Florence, which meant a very early start but, once we had found the apartment we were renting and deposited our luggage, we were able to go out to orient ourselves and find somewhere to have a late lunch. After a first delicious meal and the first pizza of the week for most, we decided to find the Duomo (cathedral) and then the river Arno. The photos collaged above were all taken on the way from the station at St Maria Novella to the Duomo and then southwards in the direction of the Ponti Vecchio.




There are many modern shops in the area to the south of the Duomo, but we found ourselves in a little medieval area, where the Guild of Woolworkers was situated.




At first sight, the road of shops just appears to continue but suddenly you realise that you have come to the Ponti Vecchio and the river cleaves the two halves of historic Florence with its silvery sash of water, crossed by this ancient bridge lined on both sides with jewellers' shops.


This building, viewed from the riverside road and not far from our apartment on the Via Magenta, reminded me a lot of the buildings we saw in Venice. I do not know its history but it is now a hotel.

Once back at the flat, our intention was to rest our aching legs before going out to find some dinner. In the event, we fell asleep and remained so until next morning.


1,000 Faces of MotherHenna said...

Hi Sue! Having such a great time catching up on reading your blog. Italy looks amazing!

Wanted to also check in with you about the deck of healing cards... I haven't seen anything come by post from you yet -- I'll check the po again today. But also wanted to check because maybe you are doing digital photography and planning to email instead? Just wanted to see... Also if you post the cards on your blog, let me know coz I'll add that link to the swap post, too...

Many thanks!
miracles and lots of goooood travel vibes!

MargaretR said...

What a lovely visit you had Sue. Thanks for sahring!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Lucky you! Welcome back home. Your photos look terrific. I can see you had a nice time.