Saturday, July 12, 2008


Goodness me, it's two weeks since I last posted here, and my disappearance does not mean I've been off on travels, regrettably. It's been two more weeks of no energy and little voice, not to mention increasing frustration and fed-upness with myself.
The view from the Magic Armchair has often been like this:-

It's not so difficult to endure being almost housebound when the weather makes outside so uninviting.

I've been doing a lot of thinking work on textiles but not felt up to physically working on them. The rusted fabrics are calling to me and I would like to do more.
I have also been knitting a simple cardigan: one back and front are done so far. Also I've been doing a fair amount of armchair travelling on the laptop, trying to find out where we might be able to go for a holiday involving lots of rest and recreation, but we are having difficulties finding convenient dates for everyone, and accomodation availability. Hopefully that will be sorted soon. My poor husband is feeling very stressed at work and his back keeps playing up, so I think he needs a break rather urgently.

Next week Anna is off to Austria via Venice, for a singing tour ("Blessed")with her school Gospel Choir, Youthful Spirit, after they perform tomorrow at Wells Cathedral by request of the Bishop, at a garden party and service being held to celebrate a visit by Bishops from Africa.

Ben has a non-curriculum week at school too, with special activities including a visit to the Forest of Dean, so he'll have lots of fun.

Sarah, meanwhile, has completed her portfolio work and submitted everything, so is finished at university. She'll be in and out every few days for the next ten days or so, before needing to get down to the serious business of finding work. She has the misfortune of graduating just when the building trade is having a massive downturn, so this is easier said than done, but she has gained a scholarship place on a month-long international architecture forum in London, which is good for her CV, and has been putting out many feelers to find a position as an architectural assistant as well as looking at other related work experience she might gainfully take. Maybe it will be easier when her degree award is ascertained and finalised.

Another choral experience I will be enjoying is the new Saturday evening series on BBC1, Last Choir Standing. Last week we saw the audition stage, and it was thrilling to see so many enthusiastic choirs in such diverse styles. Some of the judges' choices may have been controversial, but there was some extraordinary talent revealed. I won't be able to sing along, but I'll enjoy the show anyway.

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