Monday, March 23, 2009





Aren't these lovely? Our local nursery is running their own breeding programme for Lenten Roses and had these gorgeous blooms on display yesterday when we visited. Spoilt for choice, we actually brought home some hollyhocks, a lupin and two camellias (one white, one red, to join the pink one currently delighting us in our garden). However, the hellebores are very seductive and I may yet succumb to a few


Gill said...

Gorgeous I agree. Did you see my p-o-t-d some time ago of a bowl of these lovelies - the flower heads were floating in a bowl of water at colesbourne. I thought the colours were so beautiful and rather Ehrman-like.

We have dark red ones and the green "foetida" (sp?) but like you, I can feel myself leaning towards a collection. My colesbourne friend tells me they are very promiscuous and an assortment of colours is a likely outcome.

Willow said...

They are beautiful. I love hellebores. I have two greenish white ones that were gifted to me a couple of years ago from someone else's garden. Love, love, love them.

verobirdie said...

Difficult to resist them indeed.

Ruth said...

What beautiful images! Here in Germany they are called Christ's roses. I have always had some in my gardens here, but not so many different varieties as these.
As we have snow yet again here, it was a delight to find something to remind me that Spring may one day arrive!