Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Anna and her backing singers


My daughter, Anna, was very brave and sang a solo at the Singer's Concert held by her singing teacher, Elizabeth Glen, at St. Andrew's Church in Congresbury. They performed "Midnight Train to Georgia" and it was amazing. So was the whole concert - so much varied talent from one small area. What a shame we only realised she had this wonderful voice so late in her school career. I hope she'll have the opportunity to continue singing and learning this discipline at university.

Anna is wearing the purple satin dress I'd spent the previous few days making.
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Willow said...

Congratulations to both of your daughters on their accomplishments. It does take a lot of confidence to sing a solo in such a public place. I do hope she will continue her singing. What will Sarah do now that she has graduated?

somepinkflowers said...

somehow i am so amazed
to hear that
~~Midnight Train to Georgia~~
was sung in
St. Andrew's Church
in Congresbury.


i love the idea of it.

the world is so small..........

i have this idea that the entire world
should step outside
and sing a Beatle song.

i do not even care which one.

wouldn't that be fun!
the entire world
in whatever language
just to all be singing together...

I LOVE YOU said...