Monday, August 03, 2009

Restful Retreat in Austria

I'm lucky to be staying on a farm in Lower Austria, complete with artist's studio where my friend, Sara Lechner, makes her wonderful textile creations. The air is clean and fresh, there are fresh vegetables and fruit growing around us and the hens scratch around the house, then lay richly-yolked eggs. We are close to alpine countryside and lovely lakes. We are sleeping too much but it is good! I will blog more soon. It is good to be doing more real travelling instead of the magic armchair variety,and I am so grateful that this visit has been possible.
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Willow said...

Please share some of the textile creations! If you have enough ambition to get out the camera and take some photos... enjoy the relaxation and rest!

Gill said...

I can't believe we're so close to you today - I almost expected to see you in Czesky Krumlov! But we're just passing through and hope today's rain hasn't spoiled any plans.

Enjoy the rest - this is indeed a beautiful part of the world and we are both lucky to share it today.