Saturday, September 04, 2010

Two weeks in Italy - what lies beneath (and around)

Casa Pietra is a lovely, traditional old Abruzzan farmhouse. When its owners, Robert and Marcia, bought it, it had not been occupied for 40 years, and it has taken them four years to get it to its present lovely and more functional state in which it comprises an apartment and a villa, both of which are available to rent. It is still a work in progress, although this did not intrude upon our holiday there. In the past, farmers would accomodate their livestock in the basement of their home, and I believe there are plans to turn these previous animal quarters into another small apartment. With the lovely stone walls and arched ceilings, there would be loads of atmosphere and character in such a transformation.

The house is on an unpaved road in an agricultural valley and National Park woodlands (where hunting is forbidden) within easy reach of several villages and the town of Atessa. I never tired of the view of the town across the valley, which changed constantly according to the time of day and weather conditions. The surroundings are glorious.

Again, Atessa.

To the south-east.

Across the road.

I love this hill and the colours here.

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Anonymous said...

Heaps of gorgous textures in the stonework!