Wednesday, October 05, 2011

After the Operation - day 3 in the morning.

I slept really well last night, despite being woken for observations to be made, then I managed to go back to sleep until nearly eight.  Prunes and an apple for breakfast with a cup of tea.  Then I walked to the bathroom for my last specimen collection for output measurement, returned to my bedside and was asked if i wanted to shower.  This felt like a wonderful treat, so it was back to the bathroom and I managed to wash everything without difficulty - we have all been issued with a long-handled sponge.  I needed a little help drying my legs, but was able to dress myself entirely independently using the grabber we've all been given - great gadget, although I did need my compression socks to be put on for me.  I'm  now sat up in the chair beside my bed and am reasonably comfortable.  One of my ward mates is having problems with sickness and anaemia, and the other is not so well either.  We have a new admission coming in shortly to the bed which was vacated last night by a ladt who had a post-hip haematoma so was in for eight days.  No photo in this post - maybe later.  We are due to have our hips X-rayed this morning to ensure everything is OK.

Edited to add: Maddalena the physio just came and got me walking with my sticks - bypassing the crutches.  It went so well that we walked to the physiotherapy room and I managed to do the stairs using the two banisters there.  I'm as high as a kite with happiness at the moment with my new achievements, although my hip is more painful now.

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deanna7trees said...

a wonderful idea to record and publish this experience. happy to see that you are recovering well. sending you healing thoughts.