Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May in an English Garden

The wet weather which greyed out most of this month has allowed a lush abundance to greet the warm (sometimes hot) sun at May's end.

The wisteria on the archway has this year been absolutely gorgeous, like a glorious lace pelmet at the top of this viewpoint into the garden.

I'm glad the sunshine allowed us time to enjoy the flowers and the winds did not rip them untimely from their vines.  The scent, too, has been glorious, mixing with that of the Philadelphus and Choisya ternata.

The blousy lushness of the red paeonies does not last long but delights the eye, a reminder of the glory of roses still to come along on their heels.

The plants mound up into proud significance in the borders, painting their colours with fresh foliage and flowers.  There will be more, much more to enjoy as each day brings new delights.

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Roz Cawley said...

Thank you for sharing all these beautiful colours, Sue (I can't smell the gorgeous scents, unfortunately!). I just love the acid-y green of the new leaves, espeically with the sun shining through them. i also love your silver balls - I've got one here, which i thought would look out of place in a 'cottage' garden, but it provides a real focus of attention.
Wish we lived closer to each other, so we could do plant swapsies!