Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Second Sister by Marie Bostwick

An agreeable visit to Wisconsin, to me an unfamiliar part of the USA.  Marie Bostwick's descriptions of life there in Door County make it tempting to plan a visit in the real world.  Life on the Lakes sounds delightful and real.

If you've had a very unhappy upbringing and have left behind your home town as soon as you can, what will it take to make you go back?  How truly satisfying is a life and career which give you no opportunities to sleep more than a few hours a night, make friends, or develop hobbies?  What will it take to make you visit your sister, in whose shadow you grew up in and who now makes you feel guilty?  These are the issues facing our heroine, Lucy Toomey, who has to make some choices and chooses to learn some patchwork and quilting on the way.

This is an enjoyable book by an author I've not encountered previously. It is a story of family, community, values, creativity and love and well worth choosing for a satisfying read.


Julie said...

I do hope you are soon feeling much better, at least as far as the flu goes. Post viral can be very weakening too. I love a good read too and always read at night before I settle down for the night. Out of interest, do you read the traditional book or have you gone digital? I mostly read fiction on my Kindle but I do find I miss the flexibitly of a real book and being able to flick back through the pages, especially when I've misplaced a character ;-) I think we used to see each other on Goodreads, didn't we? I've actually withdrawn from that as I wasn't updating it and it was one item too many in my inbox. Look after yourself and I hope some of your strength comes back soon. xx

Willow said...

It's good to see you back posting here on your blog. I've been to Wisconsin--have friends there and family in Illinois. It's certainly worth a visit--in the spring, summer or autumn.