Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Crime on the Fens, by Joy Ellis

Crime on the Fens is an atmospheric book: fenland is described to great effect in this suspense-filled, enjoyable story.   If fiction is to be believed, to be maverick is a person specification for the post of Detective Inspector in the UK., and Nikki Galena certainly fits the (B)ill.   Life and work may have left her a damaged, brittle person, and her approach to work means she is on her last chance with the powers that be in Lincolnshire Police Force., but she has to investigate the case of a missing person with the help of her "dysfunctional" team and a new Detective Sergeant from another station.  Nikki has a personal history with the local underworld, and this may prove a help or a hindrance.  And, like us all, she has secrets.

Events unfold into a complex situation as it seems that someone may be fomenting war between local gangs, while someone else disappears...

 The main characters are developed into well-rounded, likeable people and I sincerely hope that this is just the beginning of our acquaintance with the CID at Woodborough Police Station.  A satisfying page-turner.

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