Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Everything You Told Me by Lucy Dawson

I experienced some problems reading this tale, because there was a disconnect between what I know and what was being said in it - but this was somewhat explained in the way it all turned out, and I'll say no more, because I wish to remain spoiler-free!  Aside from this difficulty, I thought this a very interesting and unusual story and I could easily identify with poor, frazzled and exhausted Sally, as two of my three children believed that sleep was a waste of their lives.  However, thankfully I never found myself, like Sally, waking alone in the back of a taxi at the far end of the country in pyjamas and a raincoat, and with just enough cash to cover the fare.  This is a pacey and complex story which contains plenty to keep the reader guessing as a nightmarish series of events unfolds and a family's safety and happiness is jeopardised..

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