Monday, June 12, 2006

Rose and the Green Man


This sounds like a good title for a story: in fact, it's The New Dawn, popping up her lovely head to commune with my ceramic Green Man, made by my pal, Karen Edwards.
A wren takes occasional refuge behind his face, but I've not yet seen a pair nesting there. Apparently male wrens prepare a range of suitable nest sites from which the female makes her selection: sadly the Green Man has never quite come up to scratch.


Stitch 'n Dye said...


what a scrummy Green Man. And words can' describe the rose...

MargaretR said...

Your Dawn rose is lovely and such a wonderful name for it. So is your friend's work.
I warn you digitizing makes you too lazy to do much else.

Kari said...

Beautiful pictures and how funny that the wrens never actually nest behind the green man, maybe he looks a tad TOO human. I would love it though, LOL.

Wrens are now beating sparrows in our gardens for popularity apparently - I am sure they used to be much more rare than they are now.

Glad to see you able to post - how are you coping at the moment?

Kari x