Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Weston super Mare: a sunny Sunday afternoon

Weston is a nearby seaside town which tends to get very crowded during the summer, so we often avoid it. However, on Sunday we needed to visit a shop there, and then my son reminded me that he had never been on the pier and that I'd promised to take him. As it seemed a good use of resources to kill two birds with one stone, I agreed as long as we could find somewhere to park within easy stumbling distance, and for once we were lucky. The pier and promenade were quite busy with trippers and the reality of the pier did not live up to Ben's fantasies. However, it gave the opportunity to see some unusual light conditions, combining strong sunlight with mist on the distant sea (there is a large tidal range here). Naturally, the camera was employed in an attempt to capture the views.

Even with the clear blue skies, the sea was a brownish shade: locals often refer to the town as Weston-super-Mud. Water on the sand reflected plenty of light.

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The visit was completed by ice cream all round, and a ride back along the pier on the little passenger train, before a drive home along the back roads to avoid the traffic jam on the main road.

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MargaretR said...

I love the cat! I will post some photos of some willow sculpture I saw recently at Rhos on Sea. It is very popular around here just now.

I like your four square seas and the different textures from the same subject!