Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Strawberries in December

These flowers and fruit were brightening my garden in December. Not true Strawberries, they are the blossom and berries of the Arbutus tree, which is also known as the Killarney Strawberry. Both appear concurrently, the blossoms forming the fruit for next year. The fruit, caught just before it falls from the tree, is sweet and has a more delicate flavour than the average strawberry. It would make a delicious jam or pie filling if only my little tree produced enough. After living in a pot for many years, it has romped away in growth since being planted out into a bed early last summer and I really hope it will continue to enjoy its new home. When it gets bigger, its bark will also be attractive. As well as the winter colour from fruit and flowers, it is evergreen, so much appreciated during the darker months, a true garden treasure.

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MargaretR said...

Thanks for the lovely comment Sue.
Hasn't the weather gone barmy, poor nature is completely confused.
It's great to have you blogging agagin. I hope you are feeling better? Mags