Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Belated Mothering Sunday Celebration


I had these lovely flowers for Mothering Sunday from my eldest daughter. They were exquisite and I'm glad to have the photos as they've long been consigned to the compost heap, sadly.

Since then, I've been caught up in a panicky whirl, preparing for an exhibition and private view at Gallery 370 in Cleeve, then making a ballgown for my youngeer daughter to wear last Friday to her Year 11 Ball (photos to follow). Unfortunately my health has continued to test me so it has all been more of a challenge than it should be, and than I anticipated. Howewver, despite being in the midst of SATs and GCSEs, I now feel as if I'm in a little sea of calm in comparison.

Much entertainment is to be had at present from the comfort of my Magic Armchair and Sofa, watching the hard work of a pair of starlings who are working overtime to keep their (at least three) chicks fed. They are nesting under the eaves of our dining room roof, and we can now see these hungry beaks protruding greedily for the next nourishing morsel their parents bring them. I suspect it won't be too long before the parents decide it's time their youngsters start to fend for themselves.

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MargaretR said...

Lovely to have you back Sue and your flowers are beautiful. I hope you will be feeling better soon. Enjoy your magic travels.