Thursday, June 07, 2007

How the Days Fly By.....

I can't believe how quickly this year is disappearing. It has been a rather hectic time for me; or rather, periods of hecticness interspersed by periods of prostration in the magic armchair due to abysmally low energy levels.

Throughout May I had an exhibition of my textile art here, at Gallery 370, which linked in with North Somerset Arts Week 2007, and then after a 5 day gap, put up a second at the Octagon Gallery at Castle School, Thornbury, S. Glos with my textile art group, Thread Carefully. I have posted images of some of my recently exhibited work on my companion blog, The Magic Armchair Traveller in Stitches. I had two pieces sell - to a pair of very discerning patrons of the arts - and so had a rush to produce two extra works for the Octagon show. Meanwhile, I had to put my dressmaker's hat on and make a ball gown for my younger daughter's Year 11 School Ball, just to ring the changes.

I've also had to label a large heap of civvy clothes for my son to take to Scout Camp and again to his Year 6 School Camp in the Forest of Dean - so I can look forward to another heap of laundry to do over the weekend, with the compensation of a lot of hugs which, I must confess, I am rather missing this week.

I have diverted from the knitting of socks to the knitting of a cardigan for myself, but have now paused this project to concentrate on the test-knitting of a pattern for a jumper,
Snow-white for Ysolda.

Eldest daughter Sarah is home for the summer, having completed her second year at university, and younger daughter Anna is at home quite a lot at present, studying for GCSE exams which require intermittent chauffeuse duties at present. She's also trying to find local jobs to apply for so she can earn the money to buy clothes, as she will not be required to wear school uniform for sixth form studies. Sarah has also been looking for paid work and had an interview this morning which looks hopeful. Thus we've had a week or two of extreme highs and lows in the gainful employment area.

I've also been collecting materials to create a wrap to commission, in autumnal shades of russets, browns and greens, in embellished filigree felt. I will start with dyeing some fibres soon, especially Wensleydale locks, which make such delicious fringes. I also have a pair of trousers cut out and waiting to be sewn, and a pair of curtains to complete....

Boredom? Pah! What's that? Except for the recurring days of hayfever, which are extremely boring and tedious in the extreme despite the mediation of anti-histamine.
At least I can see the glorious roses in the garden from the comfort of the Magic Armchair....

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MargaretR said...

You are a lovley looking lady Sue, always smiling! That work of art is wonderful. You have been so busy. Congratulations on the sales.