Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Knitting in the Round

I'm very chuffed to have this opportunity to test drive Ysolda's Snow White knitting pattern, and it's growing well. The garment is knit in the round. I've used a circular needle for the body and am now working on a sleeve. I thought I had a set of dpns in the correct size for this project, but I was wrong. My DH very kindly took my car shopping on Saturday so he could fill it with petrol, a most welcome and generous act, but it meant I couldn't dash off to Get Knitted for the correct ones. On his return we hit our local Garden Centre/Department Store and then John Lewis just before closing time, but without success on my mission. The only alternative (apart from waiting until the shops opened on Monday and not knitting for 36 hours or so)was to master the Magic Loop, which I think I've now done. I don't especially like it but it saves buying another set of needles and it has grown on me slightly now it's becoming more automatic....

My Magic Loop

The yarn I'm using, Lana Grossa New Cotton Seta, is proving a joy to use even if the balls are prone to falling apart and tangling in use. The yarn is also tinting my wooden needle points a delicate shade of turquoise but I can live with that as it isn't doing the same thing to my fingers, as far as I can see. I hope it feels as good to wear as it does to work with in this humid weather we're having. I would find wool a trial at the moment.

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