Thursday, September 06, 2007

Going to the Zoo

Last week we went to Bristol Zoo with friends. It was a leisurely trip. The boys spent a lot of their time in the amazing playground, once we had devoured our picnic lunch and watched an "Animal Performance" featuring rats, a parrot and an owl. Absolutely beautiful creatures - not so crazy about rats, personally, but these were not too bad. It was great to see the meercats, and also the penguins. I was reminded how much zoos have changed for the better, with much more creature friendly habitats that when we first visited the zoo in 1989. I recall a depressed polar bear and utterly miserable monkeys doing their best to go blind.... Oh, the improvements.



Bristol has wonderful gardens as well as animals, and I am always struck by this featured silver birch tree, which has such glorious colourings on its bark.


Another improvement at the Zoo is that they now have electric buggies for hire, so I availed myself of one. I was still exhausted when I got home, but at least my legs weren't too painful, and I coped with the trip to Fibrefest the next day as well.


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