Monday, September 10, 2007

Scenes from Ironbridge

We had a mini-holiday this summer, when the chance presented at the last minute to have a week away. We decided to take the opportunity to visit Ironbridge, a place which had long tantalised our curiosity: we were fortunate to find last-minute accomodation and our choice proved a wise one in terms of having something to interest all of us (parents, daughter (16) and son (11). Ironbridge Gorge is the "cradle of the Industrial Revolution" but set in a place of great natural beauty, which at times seemed quite incongruent.

Even the weather was reasonably kind to us - the forecasts had predicted possible heavy rainfall and I worried about flooding, but luckily it didn't materialise. The journey only took us a couple of hours or so - almost close enough for a day trip. Indeed, with the right transport we could have made the journey by water, for it is Ironbridge's position on the River Severn which provided one of the significant circumstances for it to be a locus for industrial growth (ease of transportation by water) apart from the availability of natural materials (iron stone, china clay, charcoal and coal in the vicinity.
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Kate said...

Ironbridge looks a lovely place. I note you are in Bristol and having just moved to Bristol myself i was wondering if you know of any knitting groups? I know of one that meets on a Wed but I can never make that so was considering setting up another on a Sunday afternoon in the Redland area. Would you be interested?

Denise said...

Hello Sue, Denise here, from millennium mag! Thought I'd try and drop a line now i've got into your blog. Very interesting. I've just done my letter so will send the packet off to Sherrian. We went back to Ironbridge before heading up to Stoke in the summer. It would be great if we could meet up at some point, perhaps halfway like Keynsham or Whitchurch or in the Hengrove leisure park. Let me know any thoughts, Wednesdays are a good day for me. bye for now xx