Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Jardin Majorelle

A short caleche ride from Jma el Fnaa is the extraordinary gardens created by Jacques Majorelle, which were rescued from decay and lovingly restored by Yves St Laurent. Trees provide shade from the heat of the day and high perimeter walls shut out the clamour of the city. It is very different from the English style of garden: there are these wonderful cacti and succulents mulched by gravel, in a bewildering range of shapes, shades and forms.

Then there is that essential ingredient of the Arabesque/Moorish garden: water, in the form of ponds, fountains and rills, the splashing and the condensation adding to the cooling effects of the tree-given shade.

A garden is not a garden without some flowers, and these all featured at Majorelle in October.

Finally, there is another ingredient that makes Majorelle unique in itself: the rich cobalt blue that runs through the garden on painted masonry and woodwork, which has been named after the artist and the garden: Majorelle. This is certainly an oasis I would return to: a little piece of paradise on earth.


MargaretR said...

Wonderful Moroccan photos Sue!

Angelcat said...

What a beautiful garden, that blue is just stunning.