Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Day Out In London

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Today we had a chilly day out by Westminster Bridge, taking a tour on the London Duck and then a flight on theLondon Eye. The sun didn't manage to burn all the fog away, so we were grateful that we were allowed to postpone the flight by a few hours, by which time it was a little clearer and the sunset and pearly mist combined into a Turneresque atmosphere. It was all great fun - I never tire of the views over London from the Eye.


Dorothy said...

Looks like a grand day out Sue.
What is that in the middle top row?
I like the two botom right particularly as well.

Elizabeth said...

Looks kind of misty - but you saw a lot of things.
Lovely photos.
So glad you get to 'visit' Morocco in my blog.
My daughter, who is more artisitc than me - and lives in London - has cool pictures of Morocco - and London looking misty on
you might enjoy them
all best wishes