Friday, February 15, 2008

Material Madness

My younger daughter departed yesterday morning on a school art trip to Barcelona (lucky girl)and has kept us busy preparing for it, shopping for essentials and replacing lost EHICs. One item we could not find in the shops was a jacket, and the mother madness awoke as I decided if not available for money, then it would have to be for love. Wednesday last week I found a pattern very similar to a style she'd tried on in Monsoon, and with daughterly approval purchased some turquoise coating in Bristol. Then, as is my wont, I had a few poorly days. However, I got the pattern rescaled and cut out, covered the buttons and made a start.

Here she is, newly jacketed and suitcase at heel, about to get into my great friend Cath's car for a lift to the airport at about 7.30am.

The last stitches were made after the car had drawn up outside! She'd tried on the jacket and the front lining rucked up the skirt, so I had to unstitch it and just had time to tack up the lining hem before she stepped out the door. I had worked at the jacket all night, so was ready to crawl into bed for a few hours sleep through the morning before I needed to spring into action for other commitments.

The things we do for love!


Angelcat said...

What a great jacket Sue, and the colouring suits your daughter beautifully. I bet she just loves having a Mum like you to taylor for her :-)

Paulene said...

Always knew you were Supermum Sue - fantastic jacket, well done! Fab colour.

MargaretR said...

The jacket is lovely Sue and Anna is just beautiful like her mum. I hope she has a lovely time in Barcelona, which is one of my favaourite places.