Thursday, August 21, 2008

Home for Two Weeks


We spent two weeks in North Wales for our summer holiday, and these are pictures taken of and around our home for that time. The cottage is in a small village set in a beautiful verdant valley, with hills grazed by sheep and a bridge over the River Elwy, which we saw was enjoyed as much as a beach, with people paddling, fishing, picnicking and sunbathing.


The location was only a few miles inland of the coast but sufficiently isolated to have no mobile signal reception - except if you were on Vodaphone, which we weren't. There was no computer connection, either, so it was a very peaceful, away-from-it-all fortnight.


The cottage was once two, and built one room deep so that we could enjoy views in two directions from most of the rooms.


We were very comfortable there and it was a most restful place to be.


nadine said...

Wonderful photographs.
and computers give me a pain in the neck, but it's fun to have New & various ways to keep in touch with friends.

Angelcat said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday, we also just got back from a few days in North Wales. We were camping though and it rained pretty much non stop where we were just underneath Snowdon, we were very soggy by the end but had a great time anyway!

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos. I really like the stained glass windows.


Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation! Sometimes it's great to just escape the hyper-connectivity we normally live by.

Frank Gardner said...

North Wales looks like the kind of place that I would like.
It is good to be away from a computer connection once in a while.
Glad you had a great vacation.

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