Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Heavenly Drama


We're not getting the best weather this summer, and now the days are growing noticably shorter and the walnut leaves are browning and beginning to fall. I am always nostalgic for summer, especially when we've not had much of one, as this year. However, this sky reminded me of one of the benefits of autumn, which is a tendency for dramatic sunset skies to appear. I love the contrast of the peachy day-glo pink with the deep,rich blue grey of the clouds and the paleness of the bare sky beyond, and the wispy cloud forms layered textile-like into a collage of colour and texture.
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JoWynn Johns said...

So glad you had such a restful and enjoyable holiday in Wales.

Your sky shots are wonderful to behold. We get spectacular sky shows from our windows during the cold months. Haven't started here yet. They are gifts, aren't they?

Elizabeth said...

what amazing skies.
Beautifully captured.
Hope you get to Morocco this autumn!

Anonymous said...

Heavenly shots!