Sunday, October 18, 2009

British Museum

Last Sunday my Mum and I made a visit to the fascinating British Museum.

We were there to see the fascinating Garden and Cosmos exhibition on its last day - art from the Court of Jodhpur, a collection of exquisitely detailed and coloured paintings which deserved much attention and close examination, so we made a slow progress.

Afterwards, we sat in the covered Courtyard - a first time for both of us - and enjoyed refreshment and people-watching while we decided what to do next.

Drinks consumed, we concluded that seeing anything else would be too much, so made our way back through a sunny London late afternoon, with part of our imaginations still in Indian palaces and gardens...
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Willow said...

Oh yes, the British Museum! I've been there two times, when I've traveled to England. I come away completely overwhelmed. There is so much to see and absorb, and we have only the one day to do it.

I'm glad you are having a lovely autumn! All your garden photos show the season to its best advantage.

Julie said...

It's an amazing building, isn't it? I'm sorry to have missed this exhibition.