Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gorgeousness in the Garden

It may be autumn, but the wonderfully sunny and mild autumn we are having is allowing an extra period of colour and loveliness in the garden. The kaffir lilies are always welcome at this time of year, but how good they look bathed in sunlight, which reveals a pearlescent quality to their petals I'd not noticed before.
Astrantia is another favourite of mine, and here is one plant, blossoming its little heart out.
In contrast, the dahlia shouts out its fiery colours and flame-like petals, a patch of intense heat in the flower-bed.
The delphinium has spent the summer sheltered in deep shade under the walnut tree and, now that the leaves are falling, has decided that its time to shine has come. I think it might need to be moved next year: it is very leggy and the lovely delphinium blue is rather unseasonal right now.

Close by, this rose is having another flush of flowers, another flame red pool of warmth.

Love in a Mist is triumphing in the high jump over the rest of the "field" - of weeds.

Of course, it is harvest time. The roses are forming lovely red hips.

Apples on the tree - we harvested them today. Last winter they provided a winter feast for a family of mice in the garage, so we won't be storing them in there again.

The strawberry tree is flowering again as its fruit ripens, still yellow rather than strawberry red.

Another glorious swansong of pink, rosy lushness gladdens my heart.

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MargaretR said...

I loved that visit to your garden Sue!