Friday, February 26, 2010

Keema Mutter

Yesterday I posted on Facebook that we were having Keema Mutter for dinner, and one of my friends asked me what it is. Well, it's delicious, and my leftovers, which were my lunch, looked like this:


The recipe I use is in a wonderful recipe book now sadly out of print, Indian Low Fat Cooking. This book contains the highest proportion of recipes tried, enjoyed and repeated than any other I possess, I think (with the possible exception of Delia's Complete Cookery Course, which is so used and battered that I rebound it when I took bookbinding classes and is looking sorry for itself again now). This one used minced beef but it is also good (and more traditional) with minced lamb, and minced turkey works well and very economically, too. A similar recipe can be found here but my version omits the bay leaves and peppercorns, and also the oil: you add the meat, onions, tomatoes and spices (garlic, ginger, chilli, turmeric, garam masala and cumin seeds)all at once to the pan without fat/oil or browning and cook for about half an hour, then add frozen peas, chopped green chilli or pepper and coriander leaves about ten minutes before serving, and we serve with basmati rice.
My local excellent Indian takeaway uses chick peas instead of green peas, which makes a change, but I like green peas with it very much.

So now you know what Keema Mutter is, if you were wondering; if not, no one asked you to read this anyway! But if you want a delicious home made indian style low fat supper, give this one a try some time!
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Anju said...

:D well, I live in India but I don't speak hindi. I could however tell you that keema is minced meat and mutter is peas. ;)
It is a pretty awesome dish. What did you eat it with?

Found your blog while randomly browsing! Take care!