Monday, February 22, 2010

Suffolk Walls

A trip this weekend to Kedington near Haverhill in Suffolk meant a number of treats, but unexpected or forgotten was the prospect of seeing pargetted walls on houses. These traditional patterns and textures on plaster walls can also be seen in North Essex, and I'd not previously associated it with Suffolk for some reason

I liked this traditional festoon of grape vines transected by a satellite television dish wire. I had noticed signposts to a vineyard not too far away on my journey.
This pattern reminded me of scallop shells, a motif sometimes adopted by pilgrims, but now I look out into my hallway I see a similar pattern on the embossed wallpaper out there.

This last photo might show up better if you click on it to enlarge, but it was hard to get a good image in the light if the late afternoon on my way home. It was really spectacular to see. Then I travelled back home as the sun dropped, sad to miss other photo opportunities of a stunning sky backlighting lines of naked trees in field-dividing hedgerows as I sped back towards the motorway and London, and the home of my childhood.
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Willow said...

Very interesting! What is the historical significance of the
'wall embossing'?

Pat said...

These have made me want to visit Suffolk again when I am not in such a hurry.I whizzed by quite a few things I would love to have photgraphed. It was great to meet you.I hope our paths cross again some day.

Julie said...

I remember seeing these beautifully decorated houses when we went to Dedham Mill many years ago. I didn't know the scallops were associated with pilgrims.

Irene said...

love the owl pot!