Friday, June 25, 2010

Where does time fly to?

Some time has admittedly gone in reading a totally delightful book, Wildwood by Roger Deakin. Is was a slow but intensely pleasurable read (I can rip through a novel in less than a day very often). I would have started it over again had it not needed to return to the library, but I have my own copy on order because it is the perfect bedside companion with so many wonderful tales and anecdotes that can be visited and revisited over and over. How sad that the author died soon after completing it.

I tried to order some more of his books from the library, but I wasn't allowed. I've made it a habit to try and order books from the library as a way of previewing and auditioning to see what should be added to my bookshelves, but the computer said no. Today I visited my local branch library and was told it was because I owed too much money and I could not even borrow any books until I paid up! This was not owing to overdue loan fines, but the fact I had so many books on order, so I had to hand over a sizeable amount of dosh "on account" for books I've requested in order to be allowed to take some which had arrived home with me. Luckily, I found this quite funny and I could manage to find the money to do it. It's those interlibrary loan requests - they do add up!

I've found another way of enjoying books without adding to the bookshelves - and it's not another electronic device, either, because I like to curl up with my paper tomes. I visited Silverpebble's lovely blog and learned of her Pass the Book giveaway. I am reluctant to mention it here really, because I really would like to win, but doing so gives me more potential to succeed, so, swings and roundabouts!

A sign of the passage of time is the arthritis whch is giving me a bit of a hard time at the moment, especially affecting my dominant hand, my right hip and giving me a tailor's bunion and cyst on my right foot. It's a literal pain, but at least it seems right to relax and read as much as possible.

And I'm taking time to smell the roses - and the sweet peas!


Julie said...

Sorry to hear your arthritis is playing you up Sue. You'd think warm weather would help wouldn't you but I seem to get more pain at the moment too. Not sure if mine is arthritis as my GP doesn't seem too interested.

Willow said...

I'm sorry you're in pain, but you seem to be handling it the best way--by reading.

Gill said...

I thought I might have Deakin's "Wild Water" on my shelf somewhere (or similar title....) If I find it, then it will appear out of the blue...

Sorry to hear of aches and pains. Have you read "The Childrens Book" AS Byatt? Just finished it and found it compelling and very enriching.