Monday, June 06, 2011

On Brighton Beach

Last November, just as the snow came, we spent a weekend in Brighton. The purpose was to see a production of MacBeth at the Brighton Dome/Pavilion Theatre to support my son's English Literature studies, but it was good to spend some time away from home in fresh surroundings. I hadn't been to Brighton for decades, and it was interesting to see what I remembered and what I didn't, and how things have changed.

Apart from the theatre, we explored the Lanes a little, and enjoyed some lovely meals. We also visited the Pavilion, a first for all of us, and took a wander on the beach.

This photo shows the snow-heavy clouds over the sea between the piers, and the sunlight fighting valiantly to shine through.

It was recently our local Arts week, and despite my health being poor again, I managed to get to one exhibition, of paintings. It was a thrilling show with a wide range of different styles, media and subjects, by a group of artists all taught by one tutor. I decided to make contact with him and there was a vacancy in one of his classes - on a Monday afternoon, which suited me very well as the afternoon is when I tend to have most energy.

I took along some photographs and decided to work my Brighton beach image in acrylics on board. Today, the painting was finished, and here it is:-

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I'm really pleased with it and am looking forward to getting it framed, as well as thinking about my next subject. I'm also really, really enjoying painting again. I'm not good at working on my own at home, so the opportunity to go to the group, to socialise and to see the stunning work produced by my fellow students, is proving very fulfilling and enjoyable. As for my tutor, Andy, he's lovely and a great teacher for me.


Gill said...

Beautiful work, Sue!

Julie said...

I really like your painting Sue, it has a look of Kurt Jackson about it. The sky painting is lovely and lively.

Helen Suzanne said...

lovely work Sue, I agree with Julie with the Kurt reference.

Angela said...

It's fabulous Sue!

Carol said...

Wonderful Sue :)