Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Sunny Meadow Painting

Un prato soleggiato - a meadow basking in the hot Italian sun, as seen from the shade of an olive grove - is the subject for my third art class painting, and which is complete except for an isolation layer and varnish to protect the paint. The colours are a little warmer than this photo shows but it is proving impossible to achieve the correct shade through digital adjustment with what I have available to me. I must try again when it is a dry, sunny day. I learned a lot about achieving and working with texture and colour in this painting, and layering by cutting in to gain a sense of depth. It looks well on the rich blue wall of my dining room.

So, no class until October - woe is me! Hopefully by then I will have a new hip joint as I am awaiting the date for a joint replacement operation and will know when I go to the hospital this Thursday. I need to be able to manage quite a lot of stairs to reach the studio where the class is held, though. Meanwhile, I am contemplating a "portrait" of my husband and myself - I ought to prep a board in readiness for this. And make a couple of cotton nighties in preparation for my trip to hospital.
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Sheila Knight said...

Sue Just wishing you all the best for your hip op and hope that it puts you back on your feet and more able to enjoy life. Sheila

Cassy said...

Beautiful painting. Love it.

I hope everything will be fine with you soon.

Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Britt-Arnhild said...

This is beautiful Sue. I had no idea you are an artist :-)


Lookin forward to tomorrow :o)

hensteeth said...

Great to meet you today!