Saturday, July 02, 2011


June in an English garden means roses (scented ones, of course!) to me, so I wandered around taking portraits of some of the lovelies brightening up my world.

Such delicate colours in their luscious silky petals, pretty as a picture and fragrancing the air as well.

Clearly, I have a preference for the peaches and pale pinks, although I have some beauties in other shades as well, just that these ones were the ones revealing their beauty on this occasion.

When we married, my bouquet contained the palest, barely-there apricot creamy petalled-roses, so some of these are chosen for sentimental reasons.

There are pretty, shaded frills and complex ruffles with a very special elegance of form.

Some reveal their fringed and beaded centres, inviting in the bees and other insects to enjoy their nectar sweetness.


Others are more shy or coy, a spiral of tightly furled petals hiding, for the moment, their golden centres.

Some appear almost muddled in their layers, crimped edges wrapped in a complex, chaotic geometry.

Some are just voluptuous, rich and velvety pinkness.

 While most of my roses are shrubs, standards or bush, I do have a lovely rose climbing an archway. accompanied by trachelospermum jasminoides and a wisteria album.  I love how its flowers hang down to be admired.

These photos were taken at the beginning of June, a month ago.  Life got in the way of me posting them - but fortunately did not prevent me enjoying the flowers.


Angela said...

beautiful photos Sue, I can almost smell these lovely flowers

Gill said...

Gorgeous...I love roses but feel sorry that their time is so short!
Palest pink for me, though your apricot ones are lovely.

verobirdie said...

Lovely harmony of color.

Willow said...

Your climate is perfectly suited to growing roses!

Lisa said...

Wow! I love those beautiful lovely roses.

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