Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tea Party for Sparrows

Does Snow White live here?  It looks as if these sparrows are determined to clear up the remains of a delicious cream tea.

Maybe it's a good example of symbiotic existence.

The humans had disappeared inside for shelter from the elements, but the birds weren't about to let a few drops of rain spoil their al fresco meal.


Somepinkflowers said...

Oh oh oh
I will B right over.


Earl grey?

Barbara said...

Long time since I last came across your blog. Well the Armchair traveller. I have never seen anyone with so many.!

The birds that live near outside tearooms always know where to find the crumbs.
I know what ME is but not heard of your other condition. Wonder if that is a part of ME or something different. I guess that working on the computer is great for you if physical activities are limited.