Sunday, August 21, 2011

Walking to Nowhere, and beyond.

One song I like is Paolo Nutini's "Last Request" which has the lines,
"Sure, I know we're going nowhere,
But one last time, let's go there...."

This afternoon we took the opportunity to walk to Nowhere, as evidenced by the signpost pictured above, but we did not stop there.  Further on, there was a cafe serving the luxuriously delicious ice creams produced by Roskilly's of Cornwall, with superb views in addition.

In fact, my indulgence was not ice cream, but iced yogurt - peach flavour.  It was so good, tangy and refreshing and not too sweet.  Not good for the diet, but what a treat!


Angela said...

Nowhere looks beautiful and you're making me hungry with that delicious looking icecream :)

marion said...

try Ben and Jerry's frozen yoghurt, Sue, it's very low in fat and utterly delicious. Good news calorie wise ;-)

Jackie said...

Lucky you...Nowhere is beautiful!