Friday, March 24, 2006

Miserly Mittens?

Remember the wool I space-dyed a while ago? Some of it is now transformed into a pair of Broad Street Mittens (pattern on We have a Broad Street in my village, where many of the shops can be found. Doubtless my Broad Street Mitts will be worn on Broad Street.

I had bought a lovely pair of glove mittens from Accessorize after Christmas, but they decided to stay somewhere in Paris when we visited, and of course by then the shops were no longer stocking winter warmers so I couldn't replace them. The cleverness of this design is that you can have bare fingers when you need to do something like driving, getting change out of your purse, knitting or sketching, but when you want the warmth of mittens you can fold up and over the mitten shell, which otherwise folds down against the back of your hand. I need to find some buttons for the loop to close over, but otherwise the pair is complete.

I made the cuff nice and deep for maximum cosiness, and used a sock toe decrease rather than a star decrease for the mitten shells, so they would lie flatter in the folded position. I like the way the decrease stitches merge into the I-cord loop.

So what next? Several possibilities. I have enough of my home dyed wool left to make a matching pair of socks, but I think I fancy a change.


MargaretR said...

I just love your mittens Sue and the way that decrease becomes a loop at the end. Very clever design.

Kari said...

Love, them, love them. Useful and practical too. You could say they are handy (groan). I have a similar pattern in my pattern book and I am dying to get them knitted up!

Kari x