Thursday, March 30, 2006

Stitched at last!

Finally, both my sewing machine and my hand-sewing needles have been brought into service: I volunteered to participate in a pin cushion swap with one of the internet groups I belong to, and the deadline was drawing ever-nearer. I spent far too long procrastinating regarding materials and design, but finally plumped for something I'd enjoy doing, which was embellished crazy patchwork, mainly in silks and velvet, with both machine and hand embroidery and assorted embellishments. They are quite little (about 5"/12.5cm squarish) with purple velvet backs. I really ought to have a piece of crazy patchwork on the go at all times, because it gives me great pleasure to work.

As it is, I have been making freeform crochet scrumbles for an international collaboration for a freeform coat and shawl, and making little progress with a knitted lace scarf: the pattern got to 24 rows at one point, but I decided that the errors were too obvious and undid it down to zero once more. It seems to be going a little better this time. It makes my eyes hurt when I work on it for long. I hope this doesn't mean I need new glasses. I think it is the following of the chart that is the problem, plus the concentration required. Isn't it strange how someone always wants to say something to you when you are counting?

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