Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The consolation of a warm hat

Here I am by Newport Transporter Bridge, which disappointingly turned out to be not running, nor was the Visitors' Centre open, despite what the official Newport web site said. Never mind, the sun was shining and despite a cold wind I was cosy in my just-finished Sloppy Joe hat (pattern and wool by Woolly Wormhead) and a couple of scarves around my neck.

The area around the river at Newport looks very interesting (this is the one in South Wales, by the way) but, alas, it is not very accessible to visitors of limited mobility and we could find nowhere nearer the town centre to park, the better to admire the new pedestrian bridge, interesting sculpture and ruins of something that could be a castle or a jail.... So having taken the air and then driven around a bit, we had to head back onto the M4 and back over the Second Severn Crossing.

There's such a lot of building going on in the centre of Newport. I hope they don't forget the needs of the blue badge brigade, of which I am a fully paid up member. Sometimes being an armchair traveller loses some of its magic when, despite researching an outing, the reality fails to materialise because the venue is either closed and/or inaccessible.

Mustn't grumble too much: at least we were able to enjoy the sun, of which there has been such a dearth of late. It started to rain during our journey back to England, so at least we got something about the visit right.
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Liz said...

Left a long message and wretched blogger just lost it all... you should have told me you were coming to Newport!!!