Thursday, March 01, 2007

By the Cathedral

The Cathedral in Barcelona dominates the Gothic quarter and is quite glorious and awe inspiring, with wonderful ornament and lovely golden stone that picked up the January sunlight and reflected back its warmth.


I was fascinated by the spires, which are not solid as in the UK, but hollow and holed, which would reduce their weight and their wind resistance. My first thought was that I could see where Gaudi was coming from with his Sagrada Familia, which we visited later on but which I knew from photographs and books.


Here's a lovely angel:-


I love this metalwork and how it seems to relate to the delicate leaves of the tree in the foreground, both providing delicate tracery silhouetted by the pale blue sky.


Here I am, in front of one of the Cathedral outbuildings, which now houses a museum and sometimes doubles as an art gallery. We thought that these modern sculptural doors were interesting.


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