Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sagrada Familia - The Inside Story: Part 2

After the busy, ornate exterior, the main church body seems almost spare in comparison, with much interplay between the stonework and the light admitted by the windows. It is still very much a building site, but nonetheless there is a feeling of deep peace within.

These glorious pillars are clearly built to resemble tree trunks, so the nave is like an avenue of trees, the ceiling a canopy of branches and leaves in the abstract. Not surprisingly, Gaudi was very much influenced by nature and there was a fascinating exhibition on this theme below in the crypt but sadly it had closed by the time we got down there. However, I think I get the general idea....

The jagged forms you can see above remind me of the palm leaves I saw in the park over the orad, and indeed all over Barcelona, but the lines are so clean and essential, a masterpiece of design and stonemasonry.

I love the golden flowers cast of the ceiling by the low, late-afternoon January sunlight: so simple but so wonderful.
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MargaretR said...

Oh, I just love the bottom one. I didn't get that one when I visited and I'm jealous.