Friday, March 09, 2007

Something else, for a change

Here's the latest finished object: a scarf, for a change. I'm also enjoying a change in the weather: the warmth in my garden has caused my lateish frogspawn to hatch out in the last few days and the weeds are growing away furiously.




This scarf or shawl is made in Hand Maiden Rumple 100% silk yarn, and it took me less than a week, despite some massive undoing early on when I made mistakes with the simple 2-row pattern, which I only noticed some while after the making. I have been extremely tired again, which might explain it. The colour is Periwinkle Promise. It took one entire skein - nice to have made something with just a couple of short lengths remaining after sewing in the ends.

What next on the needles? Don't know. Maybe it's time I knitted my beloved a pair of man-socks (perhaps his own pair of Jaywalkers!)
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nadine said...

we're going to have warmth in the garden this weekend too. Right now the snow is HIGHER than my knees.
and it's supposed to be so warm on the weekend, we're expecting Rain.
this will lead to lots & ice.

(ie, dangerous for walking)