Monday, May 15, 2006

Cloudy Clevedon

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My mother comes from sea-faring stock, and needs an occasional but regular fix of the sea to feel at rights with the world. Luckily, we live quite close to the coast, so that a call at the seaside tends to be a feature of her visits to us. Weston-super-Mare is one option, but more often we head for Clevedon where it tends to be less crowded and parking is easier. Thus during Mum's recent visit we took a trip there. We had been having stormy weather, so there was quite a lot of driftwood to be seen, as well as the well-worn stones (you have to go further along the coast to Weston or Brean for sand).

Young boys do not need expensive toys for all that they might plead for gameboys, play stations and the like. Give a boy a beach and driftwood, and he can be happily occupied for hours!

Of course, their mothers can also find amusement in the simple things of life - like my driftwood sculpture, which came home in my pocket but has yet to be reassembled so it can dance from a tree in the garden.

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Kat said...

Love your figure and can imagine it dancing in a tree - what fun you must have had on the beach with so much to play with - I love all the treasures that can be found on beaches