Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Spring in Devon

Another outing taken recently was to the Torbay area in South Devon. These views are from above Anstey's Cove: unfortunately I didn't feel up to the walk down to and then back up from the beach that day, but I though the view was outstanding.

There were white bluebells in flower (do they have a better name?) which were blowing about in the breeze, but the sun was warm.

Another picture-postcard view of Anstey's Cove, off the coast road between Torquay and Babbacombe. We had spent a week in Babbacombe when I was a little girl, and Mum and I were thrilled to find the guest house where we had stayed, although it now seems to be a private house. For some obscure reason, I recognised the area near the town museum, too. Funny what our memories retain.

Then we followed the coast northwards on the homeward journey, heading for Teignmouth. Mum had never seen it and had held an ambition to do so ever since a girlhood friend of hers had proclaimed it beautiful. Well, Mum's wish was my command and indeed it was lovely.

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There is this very dramatic looking headland across the river Teign's mouth, which doubtless will have inspired many a Victorian water-colour: it has that sort of period look to it. There are many boats moored in the river but none were out sailing while we were there.

Mum, Anna and I enjoyed watching the sea,, while Benedict amused himself by throwing pebbles into the sea. I was fascinated by the cross-currents presumably created by the little sand bank, which caused waves to meet and cross at right-angles.

A lovely day out, with lots of fresh air and sunshine, plus no crowds: what more could we ask for?


MargaretR said...

You have a very good eye for shots Sue!

larin said...

Beautiful! Someday maybe I'll visit your lovely country, but in the meantime, thanks for sharing it this way! And yes, you do have a good eye for shots. --LaRinda :-)