Monday, May 08, 2006

I hope that wasn't summer

The warmth of last week has made everything in the garden grow as rampantly as my son is, and the sunshine was wonderful. So was being able to line-dry the washing - why is there so much satisfaction to be derived in a line-full of drying washing and is it a woman thing? But where has it gone? I know we need rain, and don't resent that, but I do resent the return to chilly weather. Perhaps we should turn on the central heating again, as that made the temperature outside rise last time we did so...

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And pride comes before a pain. Aforementioned son was taken with the cancan on "Strictly Dance Fever" but couldn't get the bounce step between each step. So his dear mum has to demonstrate - not with a high kick - even I know that would not be sensible - but since Sunday on awakening have had two very irritable hips. Not nice, I hope they quieten down again soon.

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