Friday, October 20, 2006

Autumn Fruits

My son has a new hobby: collecting chestnuts. He dallies in the park on the way home from school most days, adding to his collection. He must have over 300 by now! Here is a selection of them. I had not previously appreciated the beautiful striations on their shiny shells and am quite fascinated by them.

What does he intend to do with them? Goodness knows. It is enough to have them at the moment, although he is tantalised at the prospect of being able to grow trees from them and might plant a few to see what happens.

Meanwhile, I've participated in my usual autumn activity of collecting viral infections, and have been quite poorly, hence the long-neglected blog. However, hopefully I've now had my share and will have the opportunity and energy to catch up a bit. I missed going to the Knitting and Stitching Show at the NEC, and thought I was going to have to miss Ally Pally too: however, last Friday I was feeling rather brighter and decided to make the trip to London, after all, via Oxford to collect my older daughter. I'll blog that separately, but we had a lovely time and it was worth feeling worn out for all of this week while I recovered. It was also good to be there without being in a state of shock: last year my car had a burst tyre on the M4 and got written off, so although again I got there, I was in a daze and preoccupied with thasnkfulness that I was still alive. Much less dramatic this time, and much more fun. Posted by Picasa

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MargaretR said...

Welcome back Sue. I'm so glad you are feeling better.
I just love your chestnut images, they are so beautiful. I picked half a dozen up when I was in Cannes and brought them home for my 3 GS's, 2 each. I used to love playing conkers when I was a child. They belonged to my brother.