Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Last week I revisited Tyntesfield, a NT property near Nailsea and quite close to my home. It is a glorious Victorian Gothic Revival Building which was saved from celebrity purchase (Kylie was rumoured to be interested) by public donation and lottery funds, among others.

Above is the entrance porch, which is adorned by delicate stone carved bosses inside, each different. The Gibbs family made their fortune in importing guano from South America to be used as fertiliser, and they invested this in superlative craftsmanship for their country seat, easily reached from London by the newly built Great Western Railway.

Of course, time has taken its toll and there are parts of the house that are somewhat the worse for wear, but still grand and glorious enough to please the eye in their dilapidated splendour.

The family chapel was limited in the services it could hold, as the vicar of the local church in Wraxall did not want his thunder stolen, but it is a stunning building. I can't photograph inside, but the outsside is lovely, too. Each window is different. Inside, the colours of the stained glass sing to the senses.

I love these trefoil and cinquefoil windows - even found an octofoil (?) somewhere. I'm currently somewhat obsessed by these shapes.

Will post more later as Blogger will only allow me to upload 4 photos in one go. Posted by Picasa

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