Monday, October 23, 2006

K&S Part 3

Here I'm pictured with the lovely Kerry Allman of Hipknits fame. It was somewhat worrying to discover that she knows the first line of my address off by heart! Kerry is a delightful person and a human dynamo who combines a high powered job in the near-City with the Kipknits fibre business and related projects, and being a wife and mother of two with number 3 on the way. I could have spent a lot of money at her stand but was a good girl. However, I was thrilled to see a copy of her new publication, Yarn Forward, which I have subscribed to, and decided I would like to knit the cover top - when the stash/prject pile has gone down a bit.

I also bought a few bits from Art Van Go - Kevin knows the family who ran the hairdressing salon Mum used to take us to for haircuts when we were little, so we always have a chat. Apparently they now live close to where Ruth Issett is moving to - what a small world it is

This photo of Sarah and I also features Michelle Meinhold, a K&S regular with her beautiful Schwarovski beands and jewellery kits. Michelle is Armenian from the USA, and I'm Armenian by marriage, like her husband Dale. Sarah has made one of her bracelets and started, but has not finished, one for me (my Christmas pressie from 2 years ago!). It's always good to catch up with this delightful couple and I was very impressed that they were there, as Michelle has recently had pneumonia! All better now, but I hope the trip didn't wear her out.

I forgot about the traffic jams on the route we took home - must stay away from Green Lanes in future. It was great to get back to Mum's house (my childhood home) and we enjoyed her home-made chowder for supper before a quiet evening of conversation. Next day, Sarah and I both slept until midday! We helped in the gardening during the afternoon, then went out for a meal at the local Harvester before making our way home. I dropped Sarah off in Oxford and finally arrived home at 1am!

It was worth taking a week to recover from this trip. I'm so glad I didn't have to miss the show. Now to use the goodies and ideas I brought away with me!Posted by Picasa


MargaretR said...

I loved these accounts of your trip to K and S. I do miss going there to meet these people you net again. Your photos are great.

Gill said...

I was sorry to miss you, Sue. Clearly you had a great time and I really enjoyed reading all about it