Monday, October 23, 2006

K&S Part 2

After buying a few essentials from Crafty Notions (Mica flakes and the elusive fleece known as Lutradur), it was on to visit my pal from Down Under, Dale of the Thread Studio. I only bought a small amount of thread, as I had an order in the post from them. However, this was the first time we'd actually met in person - she's been away from the stand "in the dunny" according to her husband, Ian, when I've visited the stand in previous years. Poor Dale (or not) was very busy so we couldn't in all conscience monopolise her attention for too long, but it was extremely good to meet her in the flesh at long last. (And the parcel arrived on the following Monday - delivered in 6 days!)

Stopping by the Knit and Relax area, Sarah and I were delighted to see Sue - the last time we'd met, a year previously, I'd just written off my car on the M4 due to a burst tyre, and was still in a state of shock. With her was Yvonne (sitting down), a new "in person" acquaintance but I read her blog regularly and have had some e-correspondence with her, so I feel I know her much better than I do (or than she does me). Anyhow, we had some good, knitterly conversation and I showed them my current project, Potamus socks knit in Fyberspates sock wool (Ocean) on Pony Pearl double pointed needles (because I'm fed up with breaking Brittany's and the ordinary metal ones "draw" on my hands) which I could only buy by mail from the USA. There were lots of interesting things going on in Kit and Relax, but we peeled ourselves away to make some other visits.

This picture is of Lynn Lucas, another cyberpal. She was stewarding with her textile group, Textile Studio, and there were some super pieces on the theme, "Puzzle". Lynn's textile is on the wall behind her: I love it. The photo doesn't do it justice, but then it was supposed to be of us rather than it!

Sarah and I were feeling rather peckish by now, so we returned to the "Knit and Relax" area and sat on the floor to eat our lunch while watching the Elle Knitting Fashion Show. Then Sarah went off to do a workshop (on making masks for cloth dolls' faces with Barbara Willis) while I went to roast in the main hall and look at what was for sale there.

I was thrilled to find Sue Morgan of Get Knitted being rushed off her feet, but managed to purchase some sock yarn from her (a stretchy one I've not tried before) and find out more about their plans to move into a retail location - a humungous ex-supermarket in Brislington, Bristol, complete with lots of parking. This has incredible potential and I await more news with interest.

My next stop was to meet Jen, dyer of my Fyberspates sock wool. She was very interested to see what I was doing with it. She's a lovely lady and I was delighted to have the opportunity to talk with her.

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